Write an excellent personal statement for your university application

Prepare for and be confident in your job interview

Write a stand-out CV or application to set you apart from other candidates

Get a clear idea of a career, a job or work you’ll love

Play to your strengths and watch yourself Flourish!

With more and more students competing for the same jobs and for university or college places, being able to talk about what makes you special is a surefire way to catch the eye of recruiters and admissions tutors. But how do you find out what makes you stand out from the crowd and how do you use that knowledge to help you choose the right career path and get a job you’ll love? Useful careers advice is in short supply. Careers advisers do all they can but are pushed for time and resources. Parents want to help but often don’t have the skills needed to offer careers guidance. And although there are any number of “find your perfect job” questionnaires on the web, they don’t really lead you anywhere. You finish them and then it’s all a bit, “So what?”

The Flourish careers guide is different. It leads you, step by step, to exactly where you’ll feel most confident and fulfilled in a career, on a course, in a job or at work. Here’s how.

Discover what makes you happy

Flourish focuses on your strengths. Strengths are the things you are naturally good at. Born with. You don’t have to be trained in them. In fact you can’t be. They are innate. They are the things you love doing. Examples of strengths would be, “I love to be in charge”, “I get a buzz out of learning” or “I keep going when things are tough”. You get the idea: you’re either that sort of person or you’re not. Strengths are the things that make you happy when you’re doing them.

Traditional CVs and personal statements focus on skills, knowledge and experience. Skills and knowledge can be taught or acquired. You can learn how to competently produce a spreadsheet. But, unless you enjoy working with numbers and ordered systems, hours spent in front of spreadsheets won’t make you happy.

So, Flourish helps you discover your strengths. Because if you can make the most of your strengths in your work, you are going to be happier and more fulfilled in the place where, let’s face it, you’re going to be spending an awful lot of time.

Create your personal strengths profile

Through a series of carefully designed and written questions – it’s all about you – Flourish takes you systematically through a process of “strengths discovery”. First, you think about the things you love to do. The things that give you energy instead of sapping it. The things that make you excited.

Next you think about your strengths. Even if you’ve never thought about yourself in this way before, don’t worry. Flourish gives you a list of 40 strengths, each one described by a headline and a short explanation. For each of the 40 strengths you can choose whether they are “Very much like me”, “A bit like me” or “Not very much like me”. The result of your work is that Flourish reveals your natural talents – they may even be hidden talents. There are other sets of questions too that enable you to work out what motivates you, what you really care about and what will support you to get what you want. You put everything you learn about yourself together into your personalised strengths profile. It has six headings:

What I love doing
My top strengths
What am I good at?
What’s important to me?
What motivates me?
Who is on my team?

Write your personal statement

Then, once you’ve built your strengths profile, Flourish leads you to write your story – your personal statement based on your strengths – perfect for applying for uni or for selling yourself to potential employers.

Get a clear idea of which careers might suit you

With your personal statement drafted, Flourish gets you thinking about possible careers that suit your strengths and motivators. You’ll be able to identify a short-list of career choices, that are right for you (and ones that definitely aren’t!).

Feel positive and motivated

Knowing your strengths is motivating. People feel positive about themselves having completed Flourish. And when it comes to interviews you will come across as engaging and authentic.

Act with confidence

Finally, Flourish takes you through a series of questions designed to keep you on track and help you make further steps towards your ideal career or course. Flourish leaves you knowing what to do next.

Know you’ve got experts on your side

Flourish was developed by an award-winning team of specialists and occupational psychologists. They’ve built a reputation for helping top companies work with a strengths approach to find the right candidates for jobs. They’ve helped thousands of people find careers they can shine at and thrive in.

So whether you’re writing your personal statement, your CV, preparing for interviews or just roughing out a “script” for selling yourself at recruitment fairs, Flourish gives you the confidence to take the next step knowing you’re focusing on the right things – your strengths. It might give you an extra advantage too, the strengths-approach is still relatively new so people will remember you if you are able to talk about yours!

Everyone can have Flourish. It’s FREE.

Flourish is s a 41 page free-to-download PDF that you can complete electronically or print. You can complete Flourish in several sittings or do it in one go. Whatever suits you. You will be able to save it on your own computer, so that you can go back to it and add to it whenever you like. Join Oscar, Chloe, Fainche and all the other people who have gained from using Flourish.

STAND OUT from the crowd and get Flourish NOW!


Two important things.
1. Flourish isn’t a quick-to-complete questionnaire. It takes time and commitment to make the most of it. So, if you’re the sort of person who wants to answer multiple-choice questions for 5 minutes, it’s probably not for you. Most people who use Flourish spend 1-2 hours completing all the sections. Not a lot compared to the chance of securing that “dream career”, is it?
2. When you click to download Flourish, we’ll ask you for a little information about yourself, why you want Flourish and how you found out about it. And we’ll ask you to accept the Flourish Licence Agreement.

And… NEW in 2017. If you like Flourish or you want to go deeper into strengths, check out The Strengths Book, OUT NOW. Be happy and thrive!

Toby wanted career insight. He tried Flourish and says,

“Flourish helped me enormously at a time when my career was stagnating and I was struggling to decide on a new direction. I was able to clarify my priorities and bring cohesion to my interview answers, undoubtedly helping to land a great job!”

Toby Frey – aged 28


Pinpoint your natural gifts and find the course or career that’s right for you with Flourish

Chloe tried Flourish. She’s just got her first job. She says,

“I would recommend Flourish to others, especially if they are unsure as to what path to follow in their professional life. It provokes thought into what really makes you tick and what will truly make you happy in life so how could it not benefit someone to learn more about themselves and invest a bit more thought into their future decisions and happiness?”

Chloe Brown – graduate, aged 22

Sophia decided to go to university after travelling – Flourish helped her decide on a Marine Biology degree. She says,

“All the careers questionnaires we did at school never helped. With Flourish the light-bulbs went on and I realised what I really want to do.”

Sophia Roussos – student, aged 23

Fainche got the next job she was interviewed for after completing Flourish! She says,

“I can honestly say that Flourish is one of the most personalised and useful career guides I have ever completed. It made me feel as if it was talking to me personally, and it contained plenty of motivational quotes, tips and advice, which really helped whilst completing it. It really got me thinking about myself and my strengths in a very new and positive way and once I had finished it, I had so much information about myself, which really helped in my interview that got me my Training Contract! I could not have performed well in my Training Contract interview without completing Flourish. It built up my confidence and enthusiasm for my profession and allowed me to really get my strengths across during the interview. Because I knew myself so much better, I could really relax and be myself in the interview, something that I had not really experienced before.”

Fainche Whelan – graduate, aged 22

Oscar is about to go into Sixth Form. He tried Flourish and says,

“I know myself quite well and I know what I want to do in the future. But if people are unsure about what their strengths are and what career path would be good for them, then I would recommend Flourish.”

Oscar Li – aged 16

Alex is an archaeology graduate. Flourish helped him to be more confident and sell himself. He says,

“I liked Flourish and thought that it was well put together. I do remember doing something like it in college, but I don’t think that was as good. It didn’t ask as much about the candidate’s interest and lacked the same positive outlook, for example, Flourish tells you to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. I enjoyed doing Flourish, it asked me good questions about myself. I particularly liked the bit where it asked what your negative internal voice says and then counters that by asking what your positive voice says. It did highlight that I may undersell myself sometimes, so perhaps I do feel a little more confident about myself after this. I would recommend encouraging people leaving school or entering college to complete Flourish. I think it would be helpful in realising where their skills lie and boosting their self-confidence.”

Alex Findlay – graduate job seeker, aged 23

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